Windows 10 RS1 버전에 대한 품질 향상 목적의 누적 업데이트 패치(KB3197954)가 Windows 업데이트 기능을 통해 배포되기 시작하였습니다.



Windows 10 Version 1607(KB3197954)용 누적 업데이트 (OS 빌드 14393.351)


  1. Improved reliability of Internet Explorer 11, Start, File Explorer, action center, graphics, and the Windows kernel.
  2. Addressed issue that was causing System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) Management Console to crash in State view.
  3. Addressed connectivity issue from a 32-bit application to a Remote Desktop Gateway that doesn't have HTTP tunneling enabled.
  4. Addressed issue of updates not being restored when doing a system reset, even if those updates were permanently installed.
  5. Addressed issue that was causing domain logon attempts to fail on a Windows 10 Pro device after upgrading from Windows 10 Home.
  6. Addressed issue that was causing failed logon counts of non-admin users without network logon permissions to be counted as cumulative, resulting in devices going into BitLocker recovery more frequently.
  7. Improved support for websites by updating the HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) preload list.
  8. Improved support for IT administrators using Group Policy to block users updating the operating system from Windows Update.
  9. Improved reliability and stability of the notification framework for enabling contextual notifications in File Explorer.
  10. Addressed an issue that prevented System Center Configuration Manager from performing inventory uploads via Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) when Encrypting File System (EFS) has been disabled.
  11. Addressed additional issues with USB, Wi-Fi, clustering, setup, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, licensing, PowerShell, Component Object Model (COM), Windows kernel, graphics, and Bluetooth.


Windows 10 Version 1607용 업데이트(KB3199986)


해당 업데이트는 Windows 10 Version 1607의 서비싱 스택(Servicing stack)의 성능 향상 목적의 패치입니다.


Windows 10 Version 1607용 Adobe Flash Player 보안 업데이트(KB3201860)



해당 업데이트는 Windows 10 운영 체제용 Internet Explorer 11 버전 및 Microsoft Edge 웹 브라우저용 Adobe Flash Player 플러그인에서 발견된 CVE-2016-7855 제로데이(0-Day) 보안 취약점 문제를 해결한 보안 패치입니다.


그러므로 Windows 10 RS1 버전 사용자는 Windows 업데이트 기능을 통해 제공되는 관련 패치를 반드시 설치하시기 바랍니다.

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